Narromine Christian School

A Caring Environment

At Narromine Christian School we provide a safe, happy environment for your child.  Our supportive, family oriented school community provides a safe haven for the children in our care.  Our enthusiastic professional teaching team, focus not only on nurturing each child's strengths but also encouraging them as they grow and develop their learning needs.  As a small school we are able to monitor, encourage and promote multi age peer relationships. Students work, play and support each other on a daily basis.

Our teachers work closely with parents to ensure that each child experiences continuity in their learning, moral growth and development. Our approach to education focuses on providing a secure environment that fosters each child's individuality, creativity, development of their self esteem and empathy for the needs of others.

Our teachers are dedicated to helping each child reach their full learning potential.  At our school we ensure that teachers get to know each child as an individual and endeavour to cater for their needs on a personal level.  All staff at our school strive to get to know all our students to help instill a loving and caring family environment.

In order to provide this nurturing environment for the children in our care, Narromine Christian School follows the Christian principle of JOY.

Jesus: Students are taught about Jesus everlasting love, patience and the values He epitomises and are encouraged to model their behaviours and lives on Jesus' example.

Others: Students are encouraged to look out for their fellow school mates and to show respect, love and care for everyone at our school and to be an involved member of our school family.

You: Students are given numerous opportunities to build their self esteem and self worth.  Teachers are positive and optimistic in their teaching approach and students are affirmed in helpful and constructive ways.