Narromine Christian School


Our philosophy of education comes from the Biblical understanding that people were originally created in the image of God and intended to exist in a harmonious relationship with Him.  The Bible tells us that through disobedience this relationship was destroyed and the image of God was almost erased.  However, through Jesus' life and death on earth God has provided a way for people to be restored. Through Jesus we are able to once again experience the relationship with God that He originally intended.

Education is a significant part of this restoration process.  We view education as a learning process designed to give a necessary understanding of God and to restore aspects of God's image in people.  In this way edcuation is an important means of regaining the harmony that was lost through the human fall.

We believe that the Bible is our guide to understanding God and His plans and purposes for our lives.  The values and principles found in the Bible are to guide our lives, and as a Christian school we aim to teach the students in our care to make informed life choices based on these principles and values.  Through these choices students will develop characters based on a love for God, a caring respect for others and a healthy self-worth.

We hope that each child that comes into our care learns to enjoy a fulfilling earthly life while preparing for life eternal.

As a staff we work with each child to instill values that will enhance his/her spiritual, mental, physical and social development.