Narromine Christian School

The Learning Environment

At Narromine Christian School we are proud of our well-resourced classrooms, computer lab and library and believe they provide an ideal learning environment to help nurture and grow each child in our care to their full potential.

Students are immersed in an environment where a variety of learning styles are nurtured and teacher planning and programs are continually reviewed and updated to allow for each student to reach their full learning potential.

Our smaller class sizes allow for techers to get to know each student on an individual level and plan their classroom according to their student needs.  Students enjoy a variety of educational experiences that allow for creativity, development of physical skills, team work, spiritual growth and social interaction.

Our school also offers learning support for students in need, especially in the areas of literacy and numeracy.  Our learning support teacher, in consultation with the classroom teachers, works with these students in a one on one capacity to help grow each student's skills in their area of need.

Each classroom is equipped with an interactive whiteboard and students are taught through basic instruction to build a solid foundation as well as using the latest technology to prepare them for all aspects of the modern world.

Our computer lab boasts a computer for each child and enough learning resources for the students to grow academically and technologically.

Our main school functions as two multi-grade classrooms which has proven to have the following advantages:

  • Students are always able to review what they have covered before they work ahead.
  • Students are able to find mentors and friends in older grades who help them to develop skills and acquire knowledge
  • Older students learn patience and helping skills
  • Age mixing allows opportunity for students to be matched at their ability level without affecting their self-esteem
  • Peer or cross age tutoring can be used easily and effectively
  • Age and gender barriers are broken, for example, students of different ages mix socially both in the playground and out of school at birthday parties etc.
  • It better reflects the style of learning in the world, where it is very rare to be in an environment where all people are of the same age and educational background.

Narromine Christian School provides a balanced curriculum that is both challenging and individualised to provide for each student's needs.

Our aim is to provide a program that will develop and grow each student to find their unique gifts and talents and prepare them to live a full and active life in their community.